Tilly - The Firefly Who Lost His Glow by Spahn Books, LLC

Tilly - The Firefly Who Lost His Glow by Spahn Books, LLC


After losing his glow, Tilly must leave his home, the only place he has ever known, to find what he has lost! On his journey, Tilly finds much more than his glow, he finds himself.

“I love Tilly! Everyone can see a part of their own journey within the adventures of this little firefly. Tilly teaches life lessons in a simple and impactful way and the illustrations are spectacular. The rhythm and rhyming make it memorable and fun. My recommendation: Take a flight with your buddy Tilly!  In fact, be a frequent flyer through all of his adventures.” Beth Leonard, Author

“In this whimsical story, a sad firefly named Tilly searches high and low for the inner light he never really lost. It took a journey and willingness to tap into his God-given gifts of courage, kindness and intellect to unleash it brighter than ever! Children of all ages can learn about strength and looking inward for what we really need!” Janet Andriole, Principal St. Joan of Arc Catholic School

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