#prayfortheWOW journal/traverlers notebook insert

#prayfortheWOW journal/traverlers notebook insert


Whispers of Wonder has become a love language between God & me over the past couple years. The WOW isn’t about getting what we

want. It’s about feeling God’s tender & loving hand on us along the way…all while the Blessed Mother hovers over us and puts us under Her mantle of protection. It’s a reminder to stay little and TRUST in Providence. Our Father LOVES us.  The WOW is wherever God leads. He is whispering in our hearts every step of the way.  He is whispering to us “Trust Me.” 

God’s love language is obedience.  How are we paying attention to the WOWs?

He is speaking. He wants to WOW you.  

His whispers are an invitation to intimately walk with Him and listen to His voice. Let’s practice being quiet and docile to the Spirit. Write it down when He whispers to you. Because He will!  

Let’s #prayfortheWOW together and be ready to respond in loving obedience. 

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Size 21x11cm

Standard Lined Notebook

30 sheet/60 pages lined

Cover: Kraft paper