NEW - Orderly Days® Bundle

NEW - Orderly Days® Bundle


The bundle with come with 10 each (printed & punched) of the following notebook inserts designed by Motherhood Press and a zipper pouch!

10 My Meal Plan (which includes Grocery List!)

10 Weekly Plan

10 My Daily Plan (with printed back)

Orderly Days® is a simple, customizable tool encouraging women to bring order, purpose, and peace into the rhythm of daily life.  This product was designed to meet a few needs of my own

  • to have one place to store information that is easily accessible

  • to be intentional and mindful in my specific vocation

  • to order my days that please God

I had a desire to get back to the basics…pen to paper, embrace my vocation by determining my priorities, and cultivate daily routines.  Comfortable consistency is the goal!  

The flexible binding allows you to personalize, store, and access all of your essential information, encouraging well-ordered days. The ways to use Orderly Days® is endless.  I think of new uses all the time!  Here are just a few....

  • home/family organizer

  • prayer journal/gratitude journal

  • idea book

  • class notes

  • self-care plan

  • project planning

  • garden plan

  • meal planning/recipe book

  • client organizer

Orderly Days® is designed to be personal and unique to you. Share your ideas with me!  #orderlydays #motherhoodpress 

  • Durable cover (front and back) with coordinating clear discs

  • 60 journal pages of premium 70# paper

  • 7 embossed tab pages with sticker sheet

  • Back cover pocket folder

  • Packaged in a reusable cotton drawstring bag


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